August 14th - Somerset Dam (TBA)


September 11th - Atkinson Dam


October 23rd - Gold Coast (TBA)


November 19th/20th - Bundaberg


December 11th - Christmas Social Day






For those SRA members wanting to race in the MPBC Speed Classes see (a) link below for SRQ/MPBCmembership details, all SRA paperwork is accepted for licenses, medical and scrutineering




We are inviting all participants to come along and join up membership, get scrutinerred and licensed all on the day. We will work with you on the medicals. 

So come along and we will get you racing under a controlled manner 


SRA Members we will accept your SRA paperwork, so just join MPBC/SRQ or SRQ only and you are racing.


a) Ensure your MPBC/SRQ  Membership is up to date

b) Indemnity Form MPBC

c) SRQ Waiver

d) MPBC Boat Scrutineering Form

e) Driver & Observer's License Test

f) Below 70MPH Medical Declaration

g) 70MPH and above medical declaration - with Doctor

h) Review this handy  First Aid Toolkit for a knowledge refresh

i) Get the gear ready to racing!


Click Links for the appropriate forms - all details contained within - contact the team if you have any questions!





Welcome to Season 2021/22

On behalf of the newly elected committee we welcome you to a new era of water ski racing in Queensland.


My name is Stewart Smith and as a passionate ski racer that started in the sport in the early 80’s I have seen many changes in the sport over the years with the one consistent that it is a sport for the entire family and with the camaraderie between participants makes it the ultimate lifestyle sport.


The challenges in front of racing here in Queensland are numerous and varied and we are working hard across the state to work through these as your focussed committee.


As we have not raced in the state for over 3 Years we are needing to rebuild relationships with authorities, find waterways, lakes and dams suitable for racing and rebuild confidence in our old, new and current members.


As your newly elected President I am focussed on a number of key areas for all of the state.


  1. Ensure that safety is of the highest priority for all of our members when competing.
  2. Build a group of committed people that work together towards the set goals with our members interests as the priority
  3. Engagement and Open communication with members and the community
  4. Develop the sport by focussing on bringing new members into the sport via a race event program and low- cost participation platform with a focus on fun.
  5. Create a calendar of events across the state that provide a consistent racing program for participants and commercial partners.
  6. Support Ski Racing Australia’s endeavours to grow the sport in Australia


We recently held our first forum with the majority of our new committee members and with each member contributing ideas on their specific roles we have got off to a strong start from an organisational perspective.


I encourage all ski racers in QLD to contribute along the way to ensure that the sport is built around our members vision and you can do this by contacting our committee members that are listed under contacts on this website or please feel free to contact me directly.


Please follow our website and social media pages to keep up to date with all activities as we roll out ski racing events in QLD.


Let’s Go Racing and enhance Queensland as the “Place of Pace”


Stewart Smith


Ski Racing Queensland Inc.

Ph: 0417 737 943


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(Current, Future and Former Members - and anyone interested ski racing invited)


POSTED 11/11/21
Ski Racing Australia has updated its National Calendar - note some events are still TBC (notifications within the file show what is locked in State by State)


Start planning - we can't wait to see you on the water!



FROM SKI RACING AUSTRALIA: It seems the Covid God’s are finally giving us a break and it is with enormous relief, the Board of SRA along with the Heads of States and Clubs, the SRA Racing Committee and the Safety Committee, are in a position to announce a go live for the season.


There’s been a bit of work done since we last communicated, mainly to consider the start/end dates of the new season. We are super conscious none of us have raced in some time, so our proposal is to come back to racing with the best deal we can offer.





August 15, 2021
Click here to read full update from Ski Racing Australia

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