It has been a few weeks since our last communication, but this time has been extremely
productive by way of beginning a new strategy for our sport and naturally working on getting us
back on the water racing again.


All of the SRA board and I were able to meet face to face for the first time in a year just over a week ago and a full day and evening was utilised to identify where we are, where we want to be and most importantly how do we get there?

During this first strategy session, the board identified five (5) key pillars that will be the focus of
further work and initiatives to make the sport more viable long-term and also to ensure SRA stays
relevant and delivers better value to its members.


As we want to keep our members involved in
this process, the key pillars are:
1. Risk Management
2. Insurance
3. Corporate Governance
4. Alternate Revenue Streams
5. Clubs & Events

Whilst these are the areas of focus in short, there is a lot more detail around these to follow in the
coming weeks and we will be engaging with our focus group that represent clubs and events and
our also members alike. Our aim is to have all the pre-planning for the upcoming season “done
and dusted” by the end of April. So, we ask for just a little more patience as we put our heads
down to get SRA Sanctioned events, Point Scores and Classic River Races back up and running by
the usual season kick-off in August.


As communicated on many occasions, SRA’s Insurance remains the biggest single expense. So,
over the past 4-6 weeks we have been working with our broker and underwriter directly to look at
what other options may be available to provide adequate protection to our members on the
water, but also allow SRA to remain financially viable longer term.


Whilst there is currently some racing activity going on in some states, it is clear you all want to see a season up and running and to that point we have held meetings with the majority of ski clubs within Australia in the
endeavour to bring the sport back under one Umbrella.


As part of the insurance renewal we will also send you all a Survey Monkey questionnaire around insurance related questions and I can assure you we want this sorted and finalized yesterday, but it takes some time as the underwriter considers these various options and SRA obtains legal advice on any new policy. We are working
flat out on this critical piece of the puzzle and will be back in contact ASAP.

The newly formed Race Committee have met on a couple of occasions now and are working on a number of initiatives for next season. In addition, the Safety Committee have also met and worked on an updated priority list for the upcoming season, whilst Ben Casey met face to face with Maritime (now Department of Transport) in Sydney recently.

Just over a week or so ago I informed you that Sue Harris has moved on from SRA. This means that
the phones are currently being answered, however, please send an email to
memberships@skiracing.com.au if you have a query and we will endeavor to get back to you as
soon as possible.


Finally, the board of SRA is in the process of seeking expressions of interest for a Volunteer Media
Liaison. Should you be interest please contact me on ceo@skiracing.com.au for more information
in relation to the position


Yours in Ski Racing,


Cam McConville




The minutes from the General Meeting are now available.

CLICK HERE to download.

Thank you to everyone for turning out and having your say - and also your patience while we negotiate our way through the challenges currently being faced.


THE NEW SEASON – 2020/ 2021

As many of you are aware the board of Ski Racing Australia has been in negotiations over the past 3 months with insurance companies in relation to a suitable policy for the 2020/2021 Ski Racing Calendar. The outcome of these negotiations has resulted in the below policy:

  • Shall commence on 1st October and finish on 30th June 2021
  • Covers a maximum of 24 events for the year
  • 8 of these events are the classic events (Grafton, H120, Wentworth, Beehag, Sydney, Echuca, Robinvale & Mildura)
  • There will be 16 events remaining that need to be divided between the states.
  • SRQ & BRSC combined have been allotted 3 of the available 16 events

With only 16 events available on the calendar it was quite evident that Ski Racing QLD nor Big River Ski Club would get the 5 dates each that they applied for when the draft calendar was being finalised.

In order for the best possible outcome for racing in our region the executive committees of Ski Racing QLD & Big River Ski Club have conducted several meetings over the past month. The outcome of these meetings has been quite positive and we believe given the circumstances we have reached a suitable outcome. Please understand that these are unique times that we are encountering and we ask for your understanding and support to continue this great sport in our region.

The outcome of the meetings between SRQ & BRSC is as follows:

  • We combine resources for 12 months in order to allow for racing to continue
  • We utilise the events we have been allotted to maximise the racing in our area. For example we are looking at events that will last 2 full days, possibly even 2.5 days
  • The possibility of hosting the Australian Titles from Corcoran Park in Grafton on 22-26 January 2021
  • The possibility of incorporating the existing BRSC format in with the proposed Clarence 80 Format 
  • We have held discussions with Ski Racing NSW to see what options we have to increase racing in our area.

From the above we will be approaching Ski Racing Australia with the below events for our region

Event No.


Event Detail




3/4 October 2020

Grafton Bridge to Bridge

Crown Hotel Grafton



22 to 26 January 2021

Australian Titles

Corcoran Park



13 March

14 March

BRSC Series Day

Clarence 80

Corcoran Park

To be advised

Pointscore 1

Pointscore 2


1 May

2 May

BRSC Series Day

To be advised

Corcoran Park

To be advised

Pointscore 3

Pointscore 4


5/6 June 

QLD Titles

Big River Holiday Park & Ski Lodge

Pointscore 5

From the above table we have squeezed in comparable racing to previous seasons to allow members to get the best value for their membership dollar. Please note these are only in the planning stage currently and may be subject to change 

Once sanctioning has been granted we can then move forward and advise you all of the Formats & Program of Events for each of these dates.


The Executive Committees of Ski Racing QLD & Big River Ski Club




DECEMBER 6, 2019: To improve communicate to members, potential members and competitors, Ski Racing Queensland has launched a new Facebook page and Instagram account.


You can follow the Facebook page at www.facebook.com/WaterSkiRacingQld


You can follow Instagram at @WaterSkiRacingQld or www.instagram.com/WaterSkiRacingQld

The existing group remains, however the majority of communication from the Club will come through the page - which also gives you the chance to tag friends and share posts as well.


We'll be reaching out to Members to get profiles together and as always, any suggestions for regular posts or content, or if you have images or video by all means drop us a line through the page!